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We have years of experience in the medical field and have personal experience overcoming hormone related health conditions.  We have the experience, tools, and know how to help you through your medical challenges.

Meet Our Doctor


Dr. Jen Joy, ND

Dr. Joy started with an interest in medicine from a young age because her father was an orthopedic surgeon and her mother a school psychologist.  Knowing she wanted to be a doctor she studied biology and environmental sciences while finishing a pre-med curriculum at Cornell College.  With forethought that medical school was going be very demanding she took a period of time away from school and worked as a ski patroller and in the commercial fishing industry on a variety of boats all over the country.  A series of events led her to pursue her dream of medicine and she decided to go to naturopathic medical school at Bastyr University, her alma mater. 
Choosing naturopathic medicine over allopathic medicine was based on of Dr. Joy's own personal experiences with natural medicine.  She strongly believes in the naturopathic fundamental principles: the healing power of nature, identify and treat the causes, first do no harm, doctor as teacher, treat the whole person, and wellness and prevention.  With each of her patients she works to identify the cause of their conditions while leading them to optimal health with individualized treatment plans.


Dr. Joy believes in a collaborative approach where she empowers her patients to make informed decisions in their health care.  She treats using  a variety of modalities including clinical nutrition, hydrotherapy, mind-body medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrient therapy, detoxification, physical medicine, diet and lifestyle interventions and pharmaceuticals as needed. It is not uncommon for Dr. Joy to work in-conjunction with other medical providers to provide adjunctive care for patients. 

While working with her patients, Dr. Joy likes to optimize their health and revitalize their mind and body. Her goal as a physician is to provide empathetic, patient centered care.  She wants to teach her patients how to thrive as individuals in this fast-paced world. She hopes to inspire her patients to be the healthiest they can be.
During her free time she can be found on the ski slopes, on the beach taking her border collie, Bailey,  swimming or cooking her husband a 5 course meal.  During the summer months, you can find her hiking or on the golf course. 

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